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Call: +27 11 869 8782

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Ready-made, professional newsletters for the South African estate agent,
with content that you can edit, emailed to your clients every month.

  • Grow your referrals & repeat business.  Your best customers are referred by your best customers.
  • Stay top-of-mind with your existing clients.
  • Generate new business.


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See how easy it can be to build client relationships and develop your personal brand


Every month Ready to Send creates a complete industry-related newsletter from start to finish, filled with interesting, uplifting and inspiring news articles, as well as strategically placed Direct Response Advertorials and adverts for you.

The latest edition will be placed into your online account mid-month, giving you ample time to customise it yourself or leave it as-is. What can you customise?  Anything and everything! You have 100% control over your newsletter. Change the look and feel, images and fonts and the content using our easy drag-and-drop editor.  You can add a Property of the Month, run competitions or add in articles relevant to your area.

On the 1st working day of every month, we will email your customised newsletter directly to your exclusive contacts.  Each newsletter is personally addressed, giving your contacts the feel of individual treatment.



What makes our system unique is our exclusivity policy.  If you are the first person to add a contact to our system, they will NEVER receive a second real estate newsletter from another agent. This is on a first come first served basis.


8 Leads From Sellers Wanting to Sell

We have had about eight calls from our database from sellers who are wanting to sell.  What I really enjoy about it, is that once your contacts are uploaded you don’t have to worry about it again.  I sometimes cannot believe that a whole month has gone by, and then another news letter appears. Thanks for the outstanding support in my business.

- Lynne Grubb

3 Listings Leads, 2 Buyers , 1 Referral

This month alone I received Three listing leads and two buyer leads the day after the newsletter went out. Notwithstanding the numerous emails I received from old clients complimenting me on the newsletter and its contents. Its great to have past clients getting in touch with me again. Just before writing this letter I received a call from a past client with a referral, this prompted me to write to you. Rand for rand, you don’t find a better way to stay Top of Mind with your data base.

- Clive Broekhuizen

2 to 3 Leads…. Fast and Cost Effective

Ready to Send has helped me to stay in touch with my clients. It is a fast and cost effective manner to get information across to your whole database. Out of approximately 500 newsletters that gets distributed monthly , I receive at least 15 to 20 replies and 2 to 3 leads.

- Chris Van Der Merwe

Ready to Send has taken the drudge out of my life…

…of writing monthly newsletters to my clients! Their good knowledge of my industry and also makes a letter interesting enough to hold your attention. Every month Ready to Send comes up with something different with useful tips – advice and I have many compliments from my clients! Well done – Keep up the “Good Work”

- Pam Eglington

Great tool to connect with your database and receive referrals!

… have received a number of listings from old clients already and also got a lot of compliments. The content of the newsletter is very interesting and useful, but I love the fact that you can personalise it with your own articles, photos as well as your “Property of the month” pic’s. The functionality is great and its easy to add people to the database on a monthly basis and you don’t have to remove them if they unsubscribe from the newsletter – its automatically done for you! Great tool to connect with your database and receive referrals!

- Loua Boshof

Such an amazing tool to stay in touch with your database…

…attempting to find the quality information and articles provided by RTS in the newsletter is nothing short of impossible to try and do yourself.  I have had great feedback from clients who enjoy the newsletter and have made a point of phoning me to say so. Its the only way to keep yourself in the front of the minds of clients, so they call YOU when considering any property transactions. Keep up the amazing work. From a huge fan.

- Sharon Bell

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