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Real Estate Business Planner

Sales, especially real estate sales, is probably one of the hardest and most competitive careers to be in. That is why we have created a free downloadable eBook to help set you apart from the rest and reach your full potential.

Now, before you jump ahead and download the book, let’s look at what this free resource can help you achieve.


In the budgeting section, you can create your own budget and manage your expenses.  You’ll be able to see just how much money you need to make.



We also included a section to help you create weekly and monthly goals for yourself. Setting goals for yourself helps keep you motivated and organized. Clients like working with people that are organized.



We’ve included multiple ways to market your business and properties (we know marketing is one of the sure ways you will get clients in and keep them there). We have included tips and tricks to make your clients feel important, a checklist you can mark off when you have a new property listing and more.

There is so much more jam-packed in our Real Estate Business Planner. This eBook will set you apart from the rest.

Ready to Send is your one-stop shop to get your real estate business up and running.  Keeping you and your clients happy is our number one goal. Contact us now for more information on our eBooks, newsletters and marketing strategies.


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